Collection and Usage of Data

PSI will be required to collect personal information when candidates apply for positions at companies who utilise PSI’s services. Such information may include but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • CV
  • Email address and telephone number
  • Abilities assessment results
  • Personality Assessment results

PSI stores candidates information in an appropriate data-warehouse and will provide this information to the client contacts involved in recruitment and/or development decisions. In addition, statistics may be produced for the ongoing evaluation of the assessments and research and to improve PSI’s recruitment and development framework in an aggregated and anonymous basis.

Candidates Consent and Agree That:

  • They are making their personally identifiable information available to PSI during the undertaking of assessments.
  • PSI’s personnel involved in considering applications for positions and third party suppliers may disclose personally identifiable information with each other in connection with the assessments and for the maintenance of an appropriate  data warehouse.
  • PSI and third party suppliers may store their personally identifiable information in an appropriate data-warehouse.
  • PSI and third party suppliers may use aggregated non-attributable data from assessments to conduct research and analysis.
  • In no event shall they hold PSI liable for any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, resulting from the use of or inability to use information or materials made available to candidates.
  • They will notify PSI via [email protected] if they do not wish for their application to progress.


To effectively consult to organisations on workplace issues, PSI must collect personal, highly sensitive information from both client and candidate.

PSI has strict standards about the treatment of personal information and in particular, the treatment of assessment reports.  We endeavour to conduct all our business in line with the National Privacy Act.

As per the Psychologists Registration Act 2000, PSI holds all records, notes and assessment results for a period of seven years. These records are held securely and in accordance with the National Privacy Act and cannot be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose without expressed instruction.

PSI does not use any personal information for marketing purposes nor does it pass this information on to other parties without express permission from the individual/s concerned.

Before partaking in the assessment, all candidates are made aware within a briefing email, that by taking part in the psychometric assessment process, the information obtained will only be shared by PSI with those at the organisation that have requested the report, involved in the recruitment decision or development activity.

Transferability of Report Findings – Job-Specific Recommendations

Any given report is prepared with a specific job function in mind. The findings must not be considered transferable to other roles for which the candidate may be considered. If information regarding the candidate is required for different purposes, please contact the report writer to discuss your needs.