Psychometric Solutions and Innovations (PSI) helps solve the jigsaw puzzle of recruiting and developing people for workplaces that are committed to understanding and helping their people so they can be more effective. We specialise in behavioural profiling from graduate level recruitment through to mid-level and executive management.

The PSI range of professional psychometric services assesses people from a psychological perspective, using reliable and well-researched psychometric tests and questionnaires. Trained psychologists interpret the data and write individual reports to meet the requirements of clients.

At PSI we know that a “one size fits all” approach to recruitment assessment and psychometric testing doesn’t work, so our team can tailor assessments and reports specifically to suit clients’ needs. It is fair for both candidates and clients that the most accurate and useful information is presented.

Engaging PSI helps increase effectiveness and productivity by optimising the potential of the most important assets an organisation has – its people. PSI provides behavioural profiling services that can improve the efficiency and retention of people in a wide range of organisations and industries.