There are several Recruitment Reports options that PSI offers in order to cover the varying requirements of senior and executive level positions through to graduate level and volume recruiting. Further details are available for the following products:

In addition to these products, custom reports can also be tailored to integrate company values or leadership and development models.

Full Recruitment Report (with confirmation interview)

This detailed report is prepared based on the psychologist’s interpretation of the psychometric results and evidence gained from a confirmation interview.

During the interview, the psychologist will not only consider the personality and aptitude assessment results, but will also probe further on areas which are of distinct relevance to the hiring manager and/or organisation. Psychometric interview probes focus on underlying behavioural drivers and can therefore reveal more accurate information about potential areas of concern or behavioural development needs.  The results from this level of assessment are the most accurate, as the degree of psychometric expertise applied is greater than for briefer reports, therefore this assessment is highly recommended for candidates applying for positions of high risk to the organisation (such as Executive level, Senior Management, Start up Ventures and Revenue Generating roles).

The output of the assessment includes a report with full Psychological Appraisal and interpretation of candidate’s overall  Stress Tolerance, Decision Making, Relationship Building, Achievement Drive, Work Orientation and Leadership Style.

Target Candidates:                     Middle Management through to Executive Level

Assessments Conducted:         Personality Assessment, Critical Thinking, Numerical Reasoning

Interview by psychologist:       In-person or via telephone

Candidate Feedback:                 Verbal

Report Delivery:                          48 hours (from time the candidate’s results are received)

Summary Recruitment Report (without confirmation interview)

This assessment can be used for positions at all levels. The report provides an overall summary of the candidate’s personality and work style attributes (one scale at a time), as well as levels of Stress Tolerance.

It also provides a hiring manager summary, relevant questions for HR or hiring managers to use for further probing at interview and alternative questions to use with referees based on the specific behavioral attributes identified. This assessment is designed to be used mid-process (between 1st and 2nd interviews).

Target Candidates:                     All

Assessments Conducted:         Personality Assessment, Critical Thinking, Numerical Reasoning;

Report Delivery:                          24 hours (from time the candidate results are received)

This report can be upgraded to a full report upon request.

Volume Recruitment Report (without confirmation interview)

This report is designed to be used for the volume recruitment of lower level roles: such as retail, call centre and in some cases graduate positions. The report provides a recommendation relating to the candidate’s suitability for the role in question.

The report also provides an overall summary of the candidate’s personality and work style attributes (one scale at a time) and may include abilities outcomes if these components are requested as part of the initial testing suite.

Target Candidates:                     Lower-level roles with bulk recruitment

Assessments Conducted:         Personality Assessment, Critical Thinking and Numerical Reasoning components (optional)

Report Delivery:                          Same day (on receipt of candidate results)

On-boarding Report

Designed for new employees and their managers, the information from the Recruitment Report (Full or Summary) is integrated into a report that outlines important considerations to be factored into on-boarding that can improve integration into the organisation. The report provides information about likely stressors and motivators, with preferred communication, work and feedback approaches. Practical strategies and interventions are provided that specifically relate to the new employee’s behavioural profile.

This report type also includes a Candidate Feedback Report for provision to the new employee.

Candidate Feedback Report 

This report provides a summary of the candidate’s abilities results and the personality scale scores. Statements describing typical behaviours of individuals with the candidate’s profile are provided. This report can be purchased by the candidate directly, or by the client to provide the candidate with a tangible outcome at the conclusion of the assessment process.

Transferability of Report Findings – Job-Specific Recommendations

Any given report is prepared with a specific job function in mind. The findings must not be considered transferable to other roles for which the candidate may be considered. If information regarding the candidate is required for different purposes, please contact PSI to discuss your needs.