Talent Programs

PSI is well equipped to provide specialised expertise in devising appropriate assessment for high potential employees (HiPo’s). Assessing the specific leadership strengths and development needs of HiPo pools can assist managers and HR teams to identify appropriate support, development opportunities and strategies for succession planning.

Why Assess Talent?

Psychometric assessment and interpretation of HiPo’s is a critical part of any talent program because it provides an in depth understanding of work style, motivations, frustrations, aspirations and challenges.

Why Develop Talent?

Successful interventions which remove development obstacles, increase self awareness, accelerate leadership development capability and help people to realise their potential.  When HiPo’s are inspired, motivated and supported they offer increased discretionary effort than standard employees which improves overall productivity and efficiency. HiPo individuals are the best choice for the future leaders within any organisation so identifying, assessing and developing talent at multiple levels helps to build bench strength for Executive and General Management. Developing HiPo’s within an organisation is smarter and cheaper than buying talent from elsewhere. It can also help to motivate others.

What Does it Involve?

All talent programs are unique so the form of assessment can be adapted to meet needs, but areas that are most typically assessed include:

  • Personality Strengths
  • Behavioural Development Needs
  • General Intellectual Functioning and Problem Solving Orientation
  • Short and Long Term Career Aspirations
  • Career Motivators and Detractors

PSI’s approach to talent development programs involves partnering to understand what is trying to be achieved. A bespoke solution is designed to meet needs and budget. Ultimately, targeted talent development programs which focus on harnessing the individuality and uniqueness of each person have been found to be far more effective than ‘off the shelf’ solutions. PSI is strongly committed to designing solutions which are fit for purpose and celebrate the diversity of individuals within organisations.

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