PSI is well equipped to deliver a range of team building workshops which address individual team needs. The PSI team’s experience comprises profiling, careers and behavioural modification coaching, soft skills training and leadership and Executive staff development.

Team building exercises and workshops can be used for:

  • Self-Awareness of Individual Team Members
  • Career Development and Exploration
  • Organisation Development
  • Build Team Cohesion and Engagement
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Enhance Problem Solving Capability
  • Conflict Management and Mediation
  • Education and Curriculum Development
  • Improve Team Innovation and Creativity
  • Diversity Awareness and Training

As subject matter experts in behavioural science and organisational psychology, PSI offers team building workshops that can help a group of employees become a real team. PSI works closely with organisations to determine which form of assessment is the best fit for individual teams, administers pre-workshop assessment and reading material for participants and then facilitates interactive sessions onsite at a location which is most convenient for the client.

Team building workshops are most effective when participants walk away with a better understanding of their fellow team members and practical information which helps them to work more cohesively. PSI team building workshops have the added benefit of offering individuals an in-depth assessment of their own style strengths and weaknesses in relation to others. These workshops build knowledge about personality style differences and how they impact on the team’s dynamics.

All team building workshops are individually designed to meet the needs of the team and organisation and can be adapted to fit half day, full day or two day time requirements. Contact PSI to discuss the nature of your requirements.