PSI has extensive experience assessing people for the purposes of selection, behaviour management, talent identification, leadership effectiveness and development. We are well respected in the psychometric assessment and behavioural profiling field, recognised for our depth of knowledge, accuracy, on-going research and integrity. We take great pride in the service and support we provide to our clients, as well as candidate care and education.

At PSI we know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruitment assessment, so we conduct behavioural profiling incorporating a range of inputs, allowing us to tailor our reports specifically to suit our clients’ needs.

The PSI range of professional psychometric and behavioural services assesses and develops people from a psychological perspective, using reliable and well-researched psychometric tests and questionnaires which are interpreted by trained psychologists. We are not a test distributor so we are not tied to using particular psychometric instruments. We are experts in psychometrics, test construction and evaluation, so we select and offer the most predictive psychometric tools that fit the purpose of assessment (this includes restricted tests that can only be utilised by appropriately qualified psychologists). Further, unlike most psychology testing companies, our reports are not computer generated. Instead, reports are individually written and can factor in very specific circumstances such as: hiring manager, team, company strategy and individual perception.

PSI’s extensive client range includes private organisations, government departments and emergency services Australia-wide, as well as multi-national organisations requiring service delivery overseas.

Engaging PSI services helps increase effectiveness and productivity by maximising the potential of the most important assets an organisation has – its employees.

PSI provides psychometric testing services that improve the retention of key people in your organisation.

In summary, the benefits of using PSI include:

  • Having an accredited, professional psychologist review all data and reports.
  • Providing objective information about ‘fit’ with an organisation which can reduce the risk of attrition.
  • Identifying information that is difficult to detect through a CV, interview and referees (particularly work ethic, learning style and behaviour under pressure).
  • Assessing a candidate’s capacity to handle complexity and problem solve well at the appropriate level for the role.
  • Measuring the real, underlying behavioural drivers rather than interview performance which determine future development needs.
  • Tailoring reports as required such as including an Organisation’s Values.
  • Providing valuable information to follow up in final selection stages such as subsequent interviews and referee checks which can help to reduce the risk of a mis-hire.
  • Providing a verbal debrief session for both manager and candidates – in fact, we recommend this initially with all managers using the assessment for the first time.
  • Providing reliable, responsive and timely service.
  • Using advanced psychometric assessment systems and processes.
  • Adapting the information gained during recruitment to produce tailored individual development reports.