PSI provides a range of professional services to organisations, from recruitment assessment to training and development.

Assessment is made up of several components:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Ability Assessment
  • Behavioural Interview (as required)
  • Managerial Self-Awareness / 360 Degree Reporting (as required)

An example of the standard process to generate a Behavioural Profile is as follows:

  • Candidate/s are identified to undertake psychological assessment (this request can be loaded directly onto our system by the requesting organisation or an email request can be sent directly to PSI),
  • PSI liaise directly with candidates during the assessment phase,
  • Behavioural profile reports are written by PSI and returned to Human Resources and/or the Hiring Manager with accompanying verbal feedback from PSI psychologist, if requested,
  • Issues raised by PSI profiling are then verified through further interview and reference checking by HR staff and/or the Hiring Manager,
  • Appointment – an Onboarding Report can be requested to facilitate an effective and positive induction process for the employee into their new role.

The steps above can be changed to suit the specific needs of your recruitment or development process. For more information please contact PSI.