We can provide a range of different reports based on needs:

Talent Development Report

Designed for new or existing employees and their managers, the information from assessment is combined with information from an overview interview into a report that outlines developmental needs and the recommended interventions for each of the identified behavioural, developmental needs. It can also assist in identifying which learning and development opportunities will be most suited to accelerate development. It provides a targeted interventions for development relating to natural work style.

Leadership Development Report (Summary Behavioural Profile)

In addition to the standard Trait Based Personality and Abilities assessment tools, individuals are asked to undertake a Managerial Self Awareness (MSA) Process (360 degree feedback). This is an assessment tool that is commonly used within an organisation’s internal talent pool, to facilitate development. The 360 degree feedback questionnaire requires an individual and their manager, peers and / or direct reports, to rate the individual on a range of leadership competencies. It provides an overall picture of the individual’s strengths, as well as areas for development. It also helps to prioritise developmental needs, in the context of the role, level, organisational benchmarks or the relative importance of specific work attributes. The MSA also provides a measure of overall self-awareness.

The MSA feedback is combined with personality assessment and interpretation. The MSA provides insight into ‘how’ the individual behaves, whilst the personality assessment answers ‘why’ they behave this way. This process and report delivers an invaluable insight into behaviour and also enables the provision of a targeted plan for development.

Leadership Development Package (Full Behavioural Profile)

Candidates undertake the full testing suite, including the MSA feedback questionnaire process. The package offers a full behavioural profile and an extensive insight into the candidates underlying behavioural attributes and natural work style.  This information is used to inform a targeted development plan.

The results from this assessment are tailored, thorough and detailed, as the interpretation specifically targets the purpose, the context and the role, by drawing together psychometric data and evidence gained from a thorough, behavioural confirmation interview. This package includes a debrief for the candidate and / or manager/s with a PSI consultant.

Behavioural Management Package

This package is designed for those employees who have been identified as requiring extra assistance or targeted intervention in terms of their behaviour.

The outcome provides an evaluation of behaviour with associated interventions specific to the developmental needs identified. This package also includes the following debriefs with a PSI consultant:

  • PSI consultant  with the Participant
  • PSI consultant  with the Line Manager  and Human Resources