At PSI we work closely with our clients to determine which psychometric assessment tools and processes will suit the organisation and talent selection strategy. Unlike other organisations which merely act as a distributor of psychometric instruments and sell the computer generated reports as output, our process includes working closely with organisations to determine the types of behaviours and approaches that are in demand. Having established this we conduct a detailed analysis of the psychometric results to determine the candidates overall ‘fit’ for the role and organisation.

All our recruitment reports include scientific interpretation by a qualified psychologist and there are a range of products employed, which suit a range of role types and different levels of seniority.

Tailored Reporting

Because we adapt our solutions to meet client needs, we can tailor reports to integrate organisational values, as well as to mirror any leadership or development models. An integral part of our process is to liaise with our clients and ensure that the reports we are providing are in line with the values of the organisation.

Customisation for Overseas Cultures

PSI often assesses international candidates. In these instances, we are able to review profiles to accommodate cultural differences.